The participant management system is built on a commercial CRM (Customer Relations Management) system and is part of the core of the services. It stores participant data, including contact information and scheduled study activities for each participant. It is closely integrated with the study web page, providing the registered participants with information on upcoming activities and meetings.

The CRM system can be used to invite new participants to your study. Integrated with the national citizen registry, through InfoTorg, it is possible to retrieve up to date contact information to potential future study participants, and to send out invitations by mail, through our service collaboration with ABA printing.

Once new participants are registered, a simpler way to manage communications is by e-mail or mobile phone text messaging. The CRM system can use rule-based automated communications to send out reminders of upcoming scheduled meetings. Or if a participant starts filling out a web questionnaire but is interrupted half-way through, it is possible to automatically send a reminder the next day asking the participant to continue.

The CRM also gives your study administrators a good overview of your participants, and their activity in the study. You can easily add time slots for upcoming meetings in the calendar, which are then made available for the participant to reserve on the study web page.

Participant contact information

Participant scheduled activities

Calendar - reserved and free time slots for meetings with participants