A common way to collect data from participants is to use questionnaires. Our web questionnaires are accessed by the participants after logging in on the study web page, using either a computer or a tablet. It gives the participant flexibility to fill out the forms at a suitable time. It is possible to interrupt filling out a questionnaire, and to return later to complete it. To make administration easier, you can create automatic rule based reminders, which are sent to the participant if he or she forgets to start or to continue filling out the questionnaires.

Questionnaires can be subdivided into sections accessible through different submenus, simplifying for the participant to get an overview of the different questions, and to decide which questions he or she wishes to answer first.

The web questionnaire services is flexible in terms of layout and function. We can present the questionnaires attractively, using the images and colors you choose, and have your logotype visible in the whole questionnaire. It is possible to define conditional branching to make specific follow-up questions depending on what answers the participants have given earlier in the same questionnaire (and also vice versa, to hide irrelevant follow-up questions from participants).


Overview menu of a questionnaire

Questionnaire submenu

Questionnaire question